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TCAPathon NEW!!

TCAP is coming, the big test is near! Hey don’t you worry, there’s no need to fear. Really! Don’t you be blue because reviewing is easy for kids and for you. Plus, it’s a whole lot of fun whether you’re playing game ninety-six or game one!

Bright Ideas NEW!!

There are a lot of things we don’t know that we don’t know, so how do we come to know what it is we’ve never known? All it takes is a problem and a question. A whisper of an idea sparked by a simple question, even one like, “What else could I do with this?” and then we’re off, with bright eyes and bright ideas! To teach creativity we have to invoke curiosity and teach the ability to ask good questions. That’s the start and the heart of this lesson where students get to practice their own ingenious ingenuity by solving problems; figuring out how to fly a funky little paper airplane on a  tsunami of air; creating wild, wacky, and wondrous inventions; discovering how bikes are turned into blenders and soda bottles into bulbs; finding out that they’re a target, learning the power of a tiny touch of yellow,  ad-ing things up, and much much more!





All Lesson Plans and Units need to be effectively modified to the needs of your students.

Without a good plan these are only fun activities. With an effective plan they can help a child master a skill or set of skills they might not grasp otherwise.